Many thanks to Flotilla Facts for providing a handy summary of the information we’ve posted below.

Following the extensive debate whether the IHH is a humanitarian or a terrorist organisation, Claire Berlinski, an American journalist based in Istanbul, decided to visit the IHH headquarters in Istanbul.  The entire visit was filmed. In part one of the interview she meets with Neturei Karta Rabbis who declared that  they support the dismantlement of the state of Israel because Zionism is the opposite of Judaism.

In part two, she interviews Ahmet Amin Dag, Middle East special representative and Free Gaza campaign coordinator Ahmet Amin. Amin admits that the activists on board the Mavi Marmara   knew they would be met by force.

In part three Claire and her partner Okan Altiparmak, a documentry film maker,  join several IHH members for lunch. There they meet Izzat Shahin, who was detained in the west bank on suspicion of providing cash to Hamas disguised as humanitarian aid.

In part four of the interview Claire and Okan meet two European passengers from the flotilla. Dror Feiler an Israeli who immigrated to Sweden and Dimitris, a Greek citizen who was on board the Mavi Marmara.

For the whole interview and the footage go to – The Claire and Okan ORIENT EXPRESS

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